About Carmen with the Danish National Opera,
Jyske Opera:

"Francine Vis is just as beautiful to watch as to listen to. She delivers a very untraditional version of Carmen, completely without the vulgarity that often characterizes the part, but with a modern sensible elegance as a young woman, fully aware of her beautiful voice and special cool attraction. " (Operaensvenner.dk)

"At the première Carmen was performed by Francine Vis, who is tall, slender, beautiful, an excellent actress and a fantastic slender mezzo-soprano, that unfolds with unrestraint sensuality. We understand that no man around her can be unaffected. Close your eyes once in a while and enjoy the music - enjoy a fantastic Carmen as the shining center amongst excellent singers."(Ruder7)

"Francine did not overdo the role, in a nicely controlled, but still furious, extrovert and powerful expression she gave the wild Carmen life. On top of that her nice, rounded and natural voice put her in the strong field of soloists this evening." (Jyllands-posten)

"Francine was shining with her great French diction" (Politiken)

"That Don José would fall in love with Carmen is obvious: the Dutch Francine Vis sings a wonderful, slightly cold and still strongly convincing Carmen with great vocal surplus” (Børsen)

The Dutch Francine Vis was outstanding with beautiful nuanced singing and a real French pronunciation. It gave a wealth of expression. She was not a violent Carmen, but a meaningful Carmen.” (Jcklassisk)

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Picture: Anders Bach

About Avventure di anima e di corpo:
"The musical leadership is in the hands of mezzo soprano Francine Vis, who skillfully combines conducting with her singing and movements. By heart she guides her excellent playing, singing and acting colleagues through the complex music." NRC


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